The Road Home for Christmas stars Marlo Sokoloff as Lindsey Scott and Rob Mayes as Wes Bailey. Lindsey and Scott play rival musicians. The movies starts with them playing dueling pianos. Quickly, the pair are forced to band together for a common goal: make it home in time for Christmas. Like a lot of Lifetime and Hallmark movies, there are a number of unbelievable coincidences that push the plot forward. Yet, the sweet and heart-warming romance left me more than willing to suspend any disbelief. This is a feel-good movie that sets the mood for the holidays. I particularly loved the music. If you enjoy jazzed up version of Christmas Carols, this movie is for you. The Road Home for Christmas was released on Oct 26, 2019, and is available on Xfinity On Demand.4 out of 5 stars.


How do you feel about modern versions of Christmas Carols? Do you prefer the classics left alone?

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