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A Holiday for Heroes, premiered November 8th, 2109, Hallmark

The theme of supporting service men and women is strong in A Holiday for Heroes.

This story starts when Audrey, (played by Melissa Claire Egan) becomes pen pals with Matt (Marc Blucas). She’s introduced to Matt through her brother. Matt and Audrey’s bother are in the army and stationed in the same unit overseas. Matt is one of those soldiers who doesn’t get letters from home, and Audrey is the sort of person who cares.

When Matt’s commitment to the military is over, he has to decide if he plans to re-up or follow a new career path. He’s become so intrigued by Audrey, he decides he needs to spend some time with her to see what’s there before he makes his decision. His letter telling her he’s on his way is lost in the mail, and when he shows up it’s a complete surprise to Audrey.

At first, I thought Audrey and Matt were a little stiff. It took me a while to warm up to the characters. However, I loved the reaction to the soldier’s homecoming.

I give it 3.5 stars


If you have any homecoming stories featuring servicemen and women, please share.

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