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    Pitch: The story of a man born to serve and protect, a veterinarian who could never turn a stray away, and the heroic dog who brings them together.

    During a brutal stint in Afghanistan, HAYDEN STONE loses Stryker, his dog, and Ray, his best friend, and Hayden abandons his military career for a job as a small-town cop. From here on out, the only threat he wants to deal with is from an occasional drunk. But when Gunnar, Ray’s war dog, is found curled up on Ray’s grave, Hayden’s gut tells him his ghosts have followed him straight into the Midwest middle of nowhere.

    Gunnar is an extremely valuable military asset. The right people would pay big money for the type of dog who took out Bin Laden, the sort of people who had no business in his sleepy little town or anywhere near EMMA FLORES.

    Emma, the town’s sweet, gorgeous, and gullible veterinarian, has never met a stray she could turn away, even one with the temperament of a great white.

    Emma dreams of owning her own clinic. The practice owner is getting ready to sell. Emma would buy-in, but she’s neck-deep in student loans. She should be saving money, not spending it on strays. She promised herself she’d be tough, but Gunnar, a war dog, is a hero. He’s been beaten and abused, and when someone suggests putting him down, she just can’t do it.

    When someone breaks into the clinic and knocks Emma unconscious, the cops assume the culprit was a person after drugs, but Hayden knows his hunch was right. Whoever stole Gunnar will be back, and the only way to keep Emma safe is to find them first.


    Pitch: When Debbie Callahan hears how Joe Sullivan’s helicopter crashed, she knows the details don’t add up. Joe, Deb’s ex-husband and the only man she’s ever loved, was an expert pilot. With a storm on its way, Deb takes matters into her own hands. With the help of Rae, an expert tracker, she heads out to the wilderness to find Joe and the two men gunning for his life.

    Est. word count 75,000

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