K. D. Garcia


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K.D. García grew up in New Mexico. When she moved to the Chicagoland area, she thought the winters would do her in. Now, she won't put on a coat until the temperatures sink below freezing.

A veterinarian and an author, K.D. is passionate about animals and story-telling. As far as story is concerned, she particularly loves stories that include ghosts, vampires, and anything that goes bump in the night.  

When not pounding out ghost stories, she spends her time on her usually wonderful children, mostly well-behaved dogs, and her absolutely devious cats. She’s grateful for a very tolerant husband.

Her favorite books range from romances to thrillers, mysteries to fantasies, books written for teens, for adults, and those about children. The type of book doesn’t matter as long as there’s a good story and great characters with lots of heart.


The Wild West Adventures of Macy Contreras

The Haunting of the Grand Giselle

Middle Grade



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