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Dear Lovesick – Jitters

Recently, a friend of my cousin’s found out I write romance. He thinks that makes me an appropriate resource for advice. There’s this woman he’d like to ask out, but he’s not sure how best to go about things. Yes, he’s had girlfriends, but she’s…special.

Full disclosure. I think the world of…let’s call him Bob. He’s a touch shy, maybe insecure, but any woman would be lucky to find him. He’s an engineer, in the air force, about five-eleven and very, very fit, and super, super sweet.

I’d really like your opinion. Do you think a romance author is a good resource for relationship advice?

“Bob and Daphne” Relationship Advice

#Bob and his girl problem continued…..

As I posted earlier, Bob – a friend of my cousin’s- asked me for relationship advice. I was asked to find out about Bob and Daphne’s background.

Bob left active duty a little more than a month ago. He met Daphne at his new job. He worked with Daphne on a group project, and they got along very well. He thinks she’s pretty, sweet, and smart.

Question – should he just ask her out for coffee or dinner? This is what he wants to do, but he risks awkward interactions if she says no. Or should he just try and chat her up at a group outing?

“Bob” and “Daphne” – The Advice

#Bob and his girl problem continued….

After weighing all the advice, I plan to recommend Bob ask Daphne out for something simple like coffee or ice cream.

I think it’s best if he makes his interest in her clear. To me, that feels more romantic.

I also plan to stress that it’s important that he not put too much pressure on himself regarding this or any future potential encounter.

I firmly believe that if a couple belongs together, a misstep here and there won’t make much difference. At the same time, if the spark isn’t there from both sides, nothing one partner does can force it to work.

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